Kendrick resigns from Eureka Springs City Council

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Kristi Kendrick has officially resigned from the Eureka Springs City Council.

In an Oct. 26 email, Kendrick says she is resigning from Ward 3 Position 2 effective immediately. Her resignation didn’t come as a surprise to anyone who attended the council’s Oct. 22 meeting, where Kendrick delivered a scathing criticism of the council in particular and city government in general and vowed to submit her resignation by the end of the week.

“I personally no longer have the patience for the bulls**t and pettiness that I get, not just from the city council but for all of city government,” Kendrick said. “At this point in time, I feel that the only way to solve the problems of this city may be in the courts. You will have my resignation this week.”

Kendrick, who was absent from the previous two council meetings, expressed her frustration that the council overruled the planning commission and issued a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) at one of those meetings. Kendrick said she hopes Eureka Springs residents “insist on putting the question of CUPs to the voters.”

Kendrick also was sharply critical of city clerk Ann Armstrong and mentioned an Oct. 8 email from Armstrong to Dr. Beverly Abbey, a member of the planning commission.

In that email, Armstrong writes that she received a call informing her that Abbey had made inquiries regarding the city’s codification process.

“Codification is far outside the scope of Planning’s area of responsibility. Please cease disrupting procedures and practices that work effectively as they are,” Armstrong writes in the email. “Please concentrate on the business of Planning for potential areas of growth within City boundaries.”

“I was just appalled by the snarky email by the city clerk to Dr. Abbey,” Kendrick said Oct. 22. “I was not, however, surprised by the defensive position that she took toward a job that she has poorly done, keeping the code books online and in hand of the city council and commissioners up to date.”

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