Berry wins second term as mayor

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Eureka Springs Mayor Butch Berry was re-elected Tuesday, defeating challengers Theodore Cottingham and Mike Seals to win a second term.

Final but unofficial results listed Berry with 514 votes (52.9 percent). Cottingham received 284 votes (29.2 percent) and Seals got 174 (17.9 percent).

Berry said he’s excited to continue positive growth in Eureka Springs, saying the city’s finances have improved. That allows the city to work on infrastructure repairs, Berry said, and qualify for matching grants. In the next four years, he said, he hopes to repair more sewer lines. Winning re-election, Berry said, is a good feeling.

“It shows the citizens of Eureka Springs believe in my vision for the city and feel confident where we’re going is a positive direction,” Berry said. “I appreciate the support everyone gave me.”

The city council will have two new members. Susan Harman defeated Caitlin Branaman for the Ward 1, Position 2 seat on the council, and Harry Meyer won the Ward 3, Position 2 seat over Harry Meyer.

Incumbents Melissa Greene and Terry McClung were re-elected wth victories over James DeVito and Joyce Knowles, respectively.

Council members Mickey Schneider and Bob Thomas were re-elected without opposition.

Berry said he’s looking forward to working with new council members.

“I think the new council members are going to be open-minded and willing to listen,” Berry said. “I want to congratulate all of them. We’ve got a great council coming up, and it’s a sign the citizens want positive growth.”

In county-wide races, County Judge Sam Barr was elected to a sixth term, defeating Green Forest Mayor Charlie Reece.

Former Berryville police officer Jim Ross was elected sheriff over Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Mark Bailey, and Connie Doss unseated longtime County Clerk Jamie Correia, who was seeking a sixth term.

Makita Williams was elected county treasurer over Kathryn Merry.

Laurie “Harrie” Farrow was elected to the District 3 seat on the Carroll County Quorum Court, representing Eureka Springs. Farrow defeated Ferguson Stewart.

Following are unofficial final totals for local races:



Butch Berry 514
Theodore Cottingham 284
Mike Seals 174

City Council

Ward 1, Position 2

Susan Harman 547
Caitlin Branaman 371

Ward 2, Position 1

Melissa Greene 590
James DeVito 362

Ward 3, Position 1

Terry McClung 505

Joyce Knowles 453

Ward 3, Position 2

Harry Meyer 498
Eric Knowles 436

County Offices

County Judge

Sam Barr (D) 4,663
Charlie Reece (R) 4,269


Jim Ross (R) 5,410

Mark Bailey (D) 3,539

County Clerk

Connie Doss (R) 4,815

Jamie Correia (D) 4,113


Makita Williams (R) 5,742

Kathryn Merry (D) 3,164

Justice of the Peace

District 3

Laurie “Harrie” Farrow (D) 733
Ferguson Stewart (R) 369

District 4

Marty Johnson (R) 657
Doug Hausler (D) 267

District 7

Kellie Stevens-Matt (R) 611
Colin Stimson (D) 184
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