The NATURAL Way: A-plus Amino Acid

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

L-Phenylalanine ... try saying this one 10 times fast! Pronounced feen-ill-la-la-neen, you can leave the “L” off, as it is a designator of this being an amino acid. This supplement is a mouthful.  Many believe if more of us had a mouth full of phenylalanine, there would be less mouthing off as well as less unhappiness and more laughter.

Amino acids are classified as essential or non-essential.  There are about 80 of them but we humans only need about 20-23 depending upon whom you listen to.  The ones classified as essential are required by our bodies and have to be consumed.  The non-essential are necessary but are produced by our bodies.  Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid.  The Wellness Advisor newsletter states, “Most people - yes, most- don’t naturally have enough phenylalanine in their bodies.” They also report the U.S. Military studies clearly show improved performance both mental and physical under stress.

Natural health practitioners have for a long while suggested this inexpensive supplement for vascular eye disorders, bloodshot eyes and cataracts, for weight loss especially in boosting base metabolic rate (combine with L-tyrosine for best benefit) and for low thyroid function, decreasing menstrual and arthritis pain, elevating mood, reducing depression, increasing sexual appetite as well as improving memory, alertness and ability to learn.  This is a long list, as this essential amino acid combines in our systems to make other amino acids as well as making some of them work better. Think of it as a cheerleading squad combined with the ability to coach your winning team.

One way of gauging if you might benefit by supplementing with 500 mg per day is to ask yourself if you crave stimulants such as sugar, desserts, chocolate, coffee or cigarettes.  If you already feel confident, vibrant and ready to plunge into life and enjoy yourself then you are probably getting enough from your diet.

While 500 mgs is probably safe across the board, care must be taken if you are taking an old style antidepressant called a MAO inhibitor.  Also, an unusual condition called phenylketouria, uncontrolled high blood pressure or stumbling requires a review.