Parks commission OKs bonuses for full-time employees

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commission voted Nov. 20 to give end-of-the-year bonuses to all full-time staff.

Parks director Justin Huss said the 1-percent bonuses are exactly what the commission approved last year, and commissioner Steven Foster asked if part-time employees receive similar benefits.

“Part-time staff is already built in,” Huss said. “They receive a 50-cents-per-hour bonus for staying the full season. We’re waiting on their checks right now. We make sure they get bonuses. Everyone deserves it.”

The commission voted unanimously to approve the bonuses, moving on to discuss the third-quarter financials. Huss said the allocations for water quality, lake and sewer are now at $45,601.24.

“We are getting on our way on that,” Huss said. “I also had a meeting with the mayor today about grant opportunities. We’re really excited about the potential for that money to go into action in the next calendar year.”

That’s specifically for dredging the lake and improving the sewer system, Huss said. Commissioner Ruth Hager moved to approve the financials, and the commission unanimously agreed.

The commission’s next meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18, at The Auditorium.

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