Supplement your diet

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Food supplements can be helpful even if a person has cancer. I've written about whole food choice (vegetables, grains and sugars) and what I would do to nutritionally support myself day-to-day with or without a diagnosis of cancer. Many good food choices help reduce cancer risk, some more than others. Remember, this is only my opinion, but if you know me then you know the suggestions I'll make about food supplement selection are based upon good science.

There is good science and good scientific study on most food supplements. These studies are not about proving food supplements as medicine. Our legal/medical system requires medical trials that cannot be done on a supplement due to legal classification. I use to review the university-level study done on food supplements.

The following list includes many antioxidants that some people have been told by MDs could reduce the effectiveness of radiation therapy. I've seen precious little study that supports this fear and I've seen many that conclude antioxidants have no effect on radiation therapy. Sometimes with medical therapy people get very nauseated; these supplements can be put in a smoothie so swallowing pills isn’t necessary. Here is a short list of food supplements:

Immune System Support: usually a mushroom blend added to a vitamin formula;

Vitamin D3: 5,000iu/day (with normal kidney function);

Modified citrus pectin: Minimum 6,000mg/day;

L-glutamine: 20 grams/day, plus or minus;

Ascorbyl palmitate: 2,000mg/day, plus or minus;

DIM: Minimum 200mg/day;

Soy Isoflavones: 4,000mg/day plus or minus;

IP-6: Minimum 8,000mg/day;

Niacinamide: 3,000mg/day, plus or minus;          

Policosanol: 20 mg/day;

Feverfew extract: Minimum 3,000mg/day best combined with glutamine;

Artichoke extract: Minimum 2,000mg/day, best when combined with glutamine.

The amounts on this list come from a prestigious research institute and a self-published paper. This is for educational use only. None, of these should interfere with medical therapy. I wouldn't take all of these at the same time as some are better than others. But, I would prudently choose from the list.