Eureka Green ranks 5th in region: Medical marijuana commission approves dispensary scores

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission voted Wednesday to approve the scores for dispensary applications in the state, and Eureka Green placed fifth for Zone 1.

A total of 32 dispensary locations will be awarded licenses. The commission divided the state into eight zones, and the four highest-scoring applicants in each zone will be awarded licenses.

For Zone 1 in Northwest Arkansas, the top four dispensary scores were as follows: Acanza Health Group, Northwest Arkansas Medical Cannabis (Valentine Holdings), Arkansas Medicinal Source Patient Center and the Releaf Center.

There will be a two-week process to officially issue the licenses. Applicants who had high point totals in multiple zones will have to pick a zone, meaning Eureka Green could still receive a license. The Releaf Center had a score of 371.06, and Eureka Green had a score of 370.39.

Dr. Dan Bell of Eureka Green said Acanza Health Group and Valentine Holdings have multiple options across the state, so the companies will have to pick one location before receiving a license. If either company chooses to open a dispensary in another zone, Eureka Green will move into the top four for Zone 1 and receive a license.

Successful applicants will need to pay a $15,000 licensing fee to the state and post a $100,000 performance bond, and the state will verify storefront locations.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) had approved 6,743 Arkansans for medical marijuana patient cards as of Dec. 28, 2018. DHS will distribute the cards by February.

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