Northwest Arkansas medical marijuana dispensary locations announced

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission (AMMC) has announced the locations for the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries.

Commission spokesperson Scott Hardin has released a list of the companies that have paid the $15,000 licensing fee and posted the $100,000 performance bond and the locations they chose to license.

Companies are limited to one dispensary, so companies with applications in multiple zones had to choose a location. For Zone 1 in Northwest Arkansas, Acanza Health Group and Valentine Holdings will be in Fayetteville, and Arkansas Medicinal Source Patient Center and the Releaf Center will be in Bentonville.

Valentine Holdings had also ranked first in Zone 3 and Zone 4 but chose to locate in Zone 1. Acanza Health Group ranked first in Zone 7 as well but also chose to locate in Zone 1. This means that Eureka Green, which ranked fifth in Zone 1, will not receive a dispensary license at this time.

The Releaf Center had a score of 371.06, and Eureka Green had a score of 370.39.

As of Thursday, 20 of the 32 dispensaries had paid the fee and posted the performance bond, allowing them to start construction.

Approved patients are expected to receive their marijuana patient identification cards in February. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (ADFA) said sales are expected to begin around April at the earliest.

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