Say no to skin cancer

Thursday, May 16, 2019

If this rain ever goes away, we will get more sun exposure. Iced green tea blended with spearmint or peppermint is refreshing and delicious, especially as the days heat up and we get more sun. Most everyone knows of the long-term damage to the skin caused by sunburn and the increased chance of skin cancer. Accordingly, many know about wearing hats, protective clothing and sun blocker. But some donít want the chemicals in commercial preparations. To the rescue comes the ever refreshing green tea.

Green tea may help prevent cancers due to the high levels of antioxidants. Additionally, drinking the tea may prevent skin cancers. Splashing on the skin (tisane), drinking or swallowing capsules are all ways of adding benefits. Green tea extract in capsule form is a more potent and inexpensive supplement than just drinking the beverage. You can imagine just how much you would have to drink to get the full benefit of, letís say, four easy-to-swallow capsules. Besides, you can wash them down with a blend of tasty green tea.

Green tea has a wealth of scientific data supporting healthful benefits. Cancers of many kind are reduced in places where people drink it plentifully, at least according to statistics. Breast, prostate, stomach, pancreas, colon, lung and esophageal cancers are specifically mentioned in the Physicianís Desk Reference for Supplements. Additional benefits for arthritis and gout are mentioned, as well as being able to burn off stored fat. It can even help in reducing dental cavities. Green tea provides a base drink to add other herbals such as elder and peppermint.

But back to skin cancers and natural sun protection. The old grannies would be following food plans according to the season and summertime gives us a wealth of fresh fruit and veggies. Granny would have us eating lots of these highly nutritious and rich in antioxidant fresh foods such as yellow squash. This is a good source of beta-carotene. As usual, Granny was right. When you supplement with beta-carotene, you get a natural sun protection factor because of the fact that excess comes out through the skin. Antioxidants naturally found in all of the summer fruit and veggies have strong anti-cancer benefits, too. Support your local markets and consider supplementing with a quality green tea. For skincare, there is nothing better to rub on than coconut oil.

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