Good Shepherd president reports finances have improved

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

By Samantha Jones

Good Shepherd Humane Society is improving in many ways, according to board president Jay Fusaro.

Fusaro spoke at the board’s annual membership meeting Tuesday, May 21, saying Good Shepherd’s finances are looking great after the Diamonds and Denim fundraiser earlier this year. Fundraiser chair Fiona Richards reported the fundraiser brought in $33,000 compared to a projected $22,000.

“We’re in very good financial shape. Things are going well at the stores,” Fusaro said. “Things are going well with adoptions at the shelter, and we had arguably our best fundraiser in March.”

Some highlights from the past year, Fusaro said, include a new HVAC system at the shelter and a rabies clinic at the Berryville store.

“Thanks to Island Airco for giving us a great deal on HVAC,” Fusaro said. “We had a very successful rabies clinic. Close to 100 animals were vaccinated, which is a really terrific service Good Shepherd provides to Carroll County. We provide about 180 spays and 64 neuters thanks to the Bates Foundation. We are very thankful for that.”

Good Shepherd can always improve, Fusaro said. He said the shelter has been doing well with adoptions but it would be great if even more animals could be adopted into the community. Local photographer Melodye Purdy has been photographing the animals and sharing those photos on social media, Fusaro said, which has helped get adoption numbers up.

“I believe we’ve seen an increase in adoptions because of Melodye’s pictures, as well as our improved Facebook presence,” Fusaro said. “Those two things are going to help move our adoption numbers up.”

Fusaro said he’d like to see more support from the Berryville community.

“We really need volunteers in Berryville,” Fusaro said. “We get about 40 percent of our animals from Berryville, and we really need more people participating there.”

Fundraising is going well, Fusaro said, but the fundraising committee could use more volunteers.

“[Richards] does a terrific job chairing our fundraising committee, but it takes a lot of arms and legs to pull off the things we want to do,” Fusaro said. “We’d love to have more people involved in fundraising planning.”

Fusaro said Good Shepherd is focusing on two major projects, saying the board has raised enough money to revamp the indoor kennels.

“We’re well on our way to getting what we call showcase kennels. As you walk into the shelter, they’re the first five front kennels,” Fusaro said. “We’re waiting for some final quotes and numbers. Then we will move forward with the first phase of the indoor kennels.”

The second project is improving the back of the shelter, Fusaro said. He said that area should be on a concrete foundation and covered to protect animals in heat and rain.

“We want the back of the shelter to look like the front of the shelter,” Fusaro said.

Treasurer Mark Minton presented the financial report, saying the shelter is reflecting a loss of $8,608 for the month of April compared to a budgeted profit of $18,150. That’s because of timing on the revenue from Diamonds and Denim, Minton said, and more expenses than expected. Fusaro said the board always budgets a loss at the beginning of the year because of major insurance payments.

“Why we budget a loss at the first few months of the year is because all our insurance is due in January and February,” Fusaro said. “Obviously, the full year budget is to break even, and I’m confident we are going to do at least that.”

Shelter manager Sandra Mittler presented the shelter report for April, saying the shelter adopted six cats and seven dogs, took in seven dogs and seven cats and had two animals returned to the shelter.

“One was a recent adoption and one was from several years ago,” Mittler said. “We do always take our animals back. We don’t put any sort of timeline on that.”

Mittler remembered recently taking in a corgi suffering from limited mobility and said the shelter was contacted by the Corgi Connection of Kansas to help.

“We transferred him to their care. They’re going to do MRIs and everything they can to get him walking again,” Mittler said. “We are really happy. This is the best possible outcome for him.”

There are many ways to donate to the shelter, Mittler said. She said you can donate to the general fund or specify that your money goes to the emergency care fund, kennel fund or flea and tick fund.

“Thank you for donating,” Mittler said.

Other ways to help Good Shepherd, Fusaro said, include donating time, money or supplies. Fusaro said the Berryville thrift store is in most need of volunteers. The shelter’s wish list includes liquid laundry soap, Dawn dish soap, green and yellow dish sponges, Temptations cat treats, pop top wet cat food, pop top dog food, copy paper, card stock, bird seed and more.

The board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 19, at the meet and greet room at the shelter.

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