Five and Dime Drama Collective seeks scripts for Fall Performance Series

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Five and Dime Drama Collective is looking for its next big production.

Board member Heather Huber announced the drama collective is soliciting scripts for the Fall Performance Series from now until June 30. Huber said this should be the first time the 10-minute plays have been performed, saying one play per playwright may be sent to

"If they have been workshopped, that's fine," Huber said, "but if they have been performed, we don't want them. We're not just looking regionally. We want anybody from anywhere on the planet to say, 'Yes, I have a script I'd like to see performed in Eureka Springs.' "

The board will narrow down the plays throughout the summer, Huber said.

"We'll decide by early to mid-July which of them we'd like to perform in the fall," she said.

What makes a script stand out, Huber said, is how it makes the audience think and feel. Huber said the drama collective is always looking for cutting edge material.

"We want our audience to think, not just perceive," Huber said. "I don't want an audience member going, 'Oh, that's pretty. That's fun and I laughed.' I want the audience to walk away from it saying, 'That was really interesting.' "

Huber continued, "It's about creating dialogue and new thought. That's what makes a script stand out. There has to be an aspect of reflection, not just observation."

She loves that the drama collective only accepts work that has never been performed before, Huber said.

"There's so much constantly emerging and changing," Huber said. "New work keeps the dynamic fresh."

Over the past year, Huber said, the drama collective has experienced its fair share of change. The board has four new members, with Larry Horn being the only original board member left. The new board members are Bryan Manire, Chris Ritthaler, Matthew Taylor and Huber. Huber said founding members Ann Hopkins and Tom Gorsuch resigned to enjoy their retirement.

"They're still involved, but they've scaled way back on their commitment," Huber said.

The drama collective is working with creative director Ken Woodard, Huber said, who doesn't have a position on the board.

"We're keeping those things a little separate so [Woodard] can move forward with the vision of what Five and Dime is without having the constraints of what the board requires," Huber said. "We have a visionary as well as practical aspect to the organization."

If you'd like to be involved with the drama collective, Huber said, you are welcome to volunteer.

"We are always looking for volunteers. If you have any type of skill set, we can put you to work," Huber said. "If you do construction, we need sets built. If you cook, we are hungry. If you write, we are looking for scripts."

She continued, "If you can direct, we are looking for directors. If you happen to own a venue and you want people to come there, we love to perform in different spaces. If you like to sew, we always need costumes. If you have a store, we need props like furniture."

Huber thanked the community for supporting Five and Dime, saying the drama collective is dedicated to its community.

"We are committed to performing in Eureka Springs," Huber said. "Even though you might go several months without hearing about us, we are still working behind the scenes."

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