In case of emergency

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Emergencies happen suddenly and catch us off guard. We have to draw on resources that we've put away for that rainy day. If we haven't anticipated basic needs, then we get caught short and life gets much more difficult and this happens quickly. Natural weather events can happen at any time. What natural supplements and products should we have on hand?


When food supplies are short, I'm a strong proponent of every adult being on a good multivitamin with minerals and trace elements (low iron for most middle aged and older men and women) along with daily supplementation of Omega 3 fish oils. So be sure you have enough set aside to get you through. Additionally, if you have an ailment be sure to have enough back stock of specialty supplements that you already use.


Though not necessarily part of your basic need, having supplements on hand for sleep (melatonin), worry/anxiety (L-Theanine) and pain reduction (Cox-2 support) make life more civil. Of course, adding an immune booster along with antimicrobials like Monolaurin or Grapefruit Seed extract can help keep you healthy and less likely to get infections. If you lose refrigeration or your water supply becomes a problem, then you would want to have probiotics handy to combat diarrhea.


The basic natural products to be put away in your emergency kit would be Grapefruit Seed (GSE) extract liquid, GSE ointment and biodegradable soap for personal use and for cleaning the kitchen.


GSE extract liquid is an amazing product that is very versatile. It can be used internally as an oral rinse, a throat gargle, to help kill infections and parasites, as a nasal rinse and a vaginal rinse. Be careful to follow bottle directions exactly. For external use, GSE excels as a facial cleanser, skin rinse for fungal infections, and nail and scalp treatments (dandruff). Again, follow bottle directions carefully, being sure not to get in the eyes. For household use, you can clean your toothbrush, veggies, fruit, meat and poultry by adding up to 30 drops to a gallon of cold water. You can add GSE to a spritzer to be sprayed on surfaces to decontaminate. Add it to your rinse water for your dishes. Clean your cutting board as well as most anything that you wish to decontaminate.


And remember that after the 100th game of Yahtzee (and losing) back up on your store of dark chocolate to lift your spirits. The emergency will seem a lot easier.

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