Proactive care

Thursday, October 24, 2019

What is the difference between health care and sick care? If payment is made to stay well, incentive pushes people in that direction. If payment is made because someone is sick, incentive may well be filled with integrity yet pushed more and more toward billable units. After all, level of care has already been determined so for those with greater ability to pay, why not do more testing or more procedures if it can be justified? On the lower end of ability to pay, some people get lost, under-treated or left out while others are impoverished by the high cost of what healing was provided. The village (community) may raise money to help but beyond the sense of enlightened humanity often is just a drop in the bucket.

What does healthcare look like, today? I'll describe just a little as seen through the looking glass prism of nutritional supplements. I'll be quoting a favorite medical doctor who is esteemed and practices a combination of health care and sick care. Dr. Julian Whittaker, MD wrote in one of his newsletters the following;

"If everyone took absorbable (my word) calcium and vitamin D about 776,000 hospitalizations for hip fractures could be avoided. Savings could be as high as $16.1 billion."

"If people took 1800mg of fish oil daily, 374,301 hospitalizations for coronary artery disease could be cut back. Savings estimated about $3.2 billion."

"If just a quarter of the women in childbearing age not taking 400mcg of folic acid/day did use it, 600 mothers could be spared with certain birth defects saving about $1.4 billion."

"If those with macular degeneration took 6-10mg of lutein with other antioxidants, daily, 190,927 might be able to remain independent and stay out of nursing homes with a potential saving of $3.6 billion."

Dr. Whittaker reported this a few years back in his monthly newsletter making a blistering impact on me. I ask, why not choose healthy food and proper food supplements smartly in order to take charge of our own healthcare? Allowing myself to succumb to sick care, passively, makes it too easy for the system to control the process. I want this for myself, my family, friends and community (village).

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