Give phytosterols a try

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Women can benefit but men, get your checklist handy. Here is an interesting supplement that is particularly of interest to men over 40 years old who have elevated cholesterol, prostate troubles, bladder spasms (attn ladies) and who wish to maybe improve the beneficial levels of testosterone. The all-natural product may actually do more than the sizable list above. Phytosterols hold a certain magic with scientific blessings.

Phytosterols are a family of plant fats. You may recognize "sterol" as part of what we humans struggle with having too much of namely cholesterol. The good thing is that plants product a slightly different version that competes for absorption in our stomachs with animal cholesterol. So when we supplement with the plant version, the absorption of the animal version is reduced in many people. You'll often see plant sterols as additives to heart healthy margarine at the grocery store for this very reason. Scientific studies have shown lowered cholesterol levels and improved lipid panels in people in both men and women.

For men, the neat thing is that there is also evidence phytosterols help shrink the prostate in benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPS). Remember the TV ad of "I thought I had a problem of going, but my doctor told me it was a problem growing?" Supplementing with even a low dose of plant sterols helps many middle aged and older men. At higher doses up to 6000 mg/day it may actually lower cholesterol, shrink the prostate and help improve the good testosterone older men tend to have less of.

Good testosterone is the higher octane male hormone. Testosterone is produced not only in smaller amounts as we age but a significant amount of it becomes "bound" and the octane lowers to kerosene. This is called DHT. This causes hair loss, weight gain, soft belly and a lot couch potato behavior as well as sexual dysfunction. Often men with pre-diabetes have too little high octane testosterone as well. Phytosterols are thought to reduce the amount of DHT so the proportion of high octane hormone improves. Some anti aging benefit can happen.

Phytosterols can be found on the shelf labeled as such, called beta-phytosterols or simply called pumpkin seed extract. The usefulness is clearly dose dependent so be sure to buy a quality potent product.

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