Krewe of Krazo kicks off Mardi Gras season with a few changes

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

By Samantha Jones

The Krewe of Krazo is making a few changes to Mardi Gras over the next year.

Captain Cathy Handley said the kickoff event went well, saying more than 100 people attended despite inclement weather. She said King Jeff Franco and Queen Kat Beahm, along with the dukes and duchesses, were excited to walk in front of the crowd.

"There was theater seating, so everybody got to see them," Handley said.

Next year, Handley said, the Krewe of Krazo plans to invite all the krewes to join in at the annual kickoff event. Another change that is being implemented this year, Handley said, is the opportunity for parade attendees to purchase decorated umbrellas. There will be a Second Line at the end of the parade, Handley said.

"So they can march in the parade with their umbrellas," Handley said. "Most people don't have a decorated umbrella, so we thought if we had decorated umbrellas for purchase, they'll feel like they're part of it."

There will be a float featuring all Mardi Gras royalty from the last 15 years, Handley said, and the Krewe of Krazo will be tossing special grails to the crowd.

"There will be only 30 of them. They will truly be a keepsake or a collector's item," Handley said.

This year's theme is Fairytales, Fables and Folklore, and Handley said the Krewe of Krazo is working hard to make sure the events are on point.

"The coronation ball this year the whole thing is being made to look like a castle," Handley said. "It's going to be quite elaborate. It's going to be really different."

Handley said the Krewe of Krazo will offer another new event after the day parade, inviting everyone to an after-parade party to unwind.

"It's to thank everyone in the krewe," Handley said, "but it is open to the public, so we want to encourage the public to come and party with us. We're making a lot of things happen that have never happened here before, but still with the Eureka fun we've always had."

Handley said she hopes more people get involved with the celebration. The Krewe of Krazo is always seeking new members, Handley said. If a local business would like to purchase a flag to be featured at Mardi Gras events, Handley said, it would cost $250 for three years.

"They'll be carried by our Rotary Interact and FFA kids in the parade," Handley said. "It's a good way to let people know about your company."

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