Singing Scotties to present Frozen KIDS

Thursday, March 12, 2020
Volunteer Jennifer Hatch practices songs with a group of the Singing Scotties for Frozen KIDS.
Photo by Haley Schichtl

By Haley Schichtl

The Eureka Springs Singing Scotties will perform Frozen KIDS at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 19, in the Eureka Springs High School Auditorium.

Music teacher Donesa Mann said the play is sponsored by the First National Bank of North Arkansas, which is how they were able to afford the license to put on the musical. There are 26 fourth-graders performing.

Jeraco Naumann, who is playing Kristoff, said they started practicing Frozen soon after Christmas break. He said they will do another in-school performance for all the elementary students before their public performance.

“The kids love the costumes. There’s one set of kids that have three costumes –– they start out as the staff in the castle,” Mann said. “When they sing ‘In Summer,’ the girls will come out in bee costumes. And then they change into the Hidden Folk. Each part is kind of small but when you put them all together, the kids are busy the whole production.”

Riley Renco is playing the part of Olaf as well as a townsperson.

“My favorite part is the costumes,” Renco said. “Some are Halloween costumes, and others are just pieces of normal clothing.”

Maddy Johnson, who is playing Anna, said she likes to pretend there is no one in the audience when she’s on stage to calm her nerves.

“I’ll be in the back and be super scared, but when I get onto stage I feel fine,” Johnson said.

Johnson said she has been in plays before, but this is her first production to have a lead role and a solo song performance.

“They got to see the Frozen, Jr. put on by the Springfield Little Theatre to help them look at the characters they might be getting and inspire them,” Mann said.

Renco said it was helpful to watch how another actor portrayed Olaf.

“I hadn’t seen Frozen in a really long time,” Renco said. “Olaf was really funny in the play.”

Mann said her husband, high school drama teacher Rick Mann, and fourth-grade teacher Jerry Wells will be helping her backstage during the production. Mann’s daughter, Mallory Butler, is helping teach the kids the choreography and a volunteer, Jennifer Hatch, is helping with the music.

“In a major production, there’s a music director, the theater director, the prop mistress –– I’m the whole thing,” Mann said. “When the kids get older, you can delegate more with costumes and choreography. This is their first experience with a musical. They don’t really get to do one until the fourth grade other than the Christmas program.”

Mann said the Christmas program is not as focused as the fourth-grade musical, which features more talking scenes and developed characters. She encouraged everyone to see the musical and so did Naumann.

"You should come see it because I'm in it," Naumann said.

There will be no admission charged to see the production.

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