Coping with COVID-19

Thursday, June 4, 2020

What a mess! Our world has turned into something that none of us could have thought of just three months ago. We have as a world community lost the sense of control which keeps governments, business, communities, social structures and even family/friend groups stable enough to function well enough. We teeter on anarchy. Fear is the driving force.

It is all too human for us to deal with fear and anxiety by misusing another emotion namely anger. Using anger as a way to regain control can work, but often and most likely it will create a slippery slope of distrust and harm to others. Right now, I see this in the riots nationwide and in locals that wish to shut down our town in order to protect ourselves from pesky outsiders that don't behave the way we want them to. The message seems to be I'd rather hurt myself and community by withdrawing and punishing others who are not one of us. This very human strategy just doesn't work. I've done this myself so I know the price.

Everyone is dealing with a nasty new virus that is threatening our lives and definitely our well being. After giving up our lives to quarantine, the novel virus is rising in numbers in communities that had seemed safe. Itís no wonder there is so much anger and fear. Since the advent of this nasty bug we have learned a great deal about it though. As we learn more, we can regain a sense of control hopefully reducing fear, anxiety and anger.

We know that not everyone will die from Covid-19. Yes, it is highly contagious but many more people have no to mild to moderate symptoms than die. We know that it is mostly an airborne nasty and doesn't exist on surfaces for very long. It is unlikely to catch it from a doorknob unless there is recent wetness from a sneeze or spittle. We know that you can't get it again after having it once and having recovered. We know that as individual immunity builds in numbers, then the curve will flatten.

Behaviorally, social distancing and hand washing are the best two things you can do. Wearing a mask around others if getting to close is a fine thing to do in order to protect others from your spittle. Hopefully, others will do that for you. You can always ask. If you have to insist, then you will want to move away from them anyway.

As for natural products, I don't suggest immune boosters like mushroom extracts unless you already have a depleted immune system. If you have a good enough immune system, then I suggest pycnogenol (an immune modulator). This way you won't have a hyper-active immune system if you are exposed to the virus causing harm through inflammation from the battle. Daily, I suggest N-acetyl cysteine with a small amount of selenium at proper dose to set up a proper barrier in my opinion. Vitamin D, zinc and probiotics round out the supplements. Keep a bottle of monolaurin on hand to take in very high dose if the going starts to get rough ó the sooner the better.

This nasty virus is not going to go away. We will have to find healthy ways to regain our healthy sense of control and create lives which we once had to the best as we can. Nature, fresh air, gratitude, care and love for ourselves and others will carry us through.

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