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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

L-Theanine is an amino acid that I have written about from time to time. I liked it then; I like it even more now.† You see, new science was published just last month that clearly shows two new benefits for this amazingly affordable and safe supplement.† But first a short review!

L-Theanine is widely found as a food additive in Japan.†The Japanese have approved the use since 1964 and it is currently found in more than 50 food products including ice cream, candy, beverages and supplements.† Because the Japanese have such a good medical/research system, the benefits and safety of L-Theanine are well known, at least over there.†This includes promoting relaxation without drowsiness, improved learning and concentration (ADHD?), heightening mental acuity, controlling hypertension, lowering cholesterol, reducing stress and anxiety as well as reversing the negative effects of caffeine.

L-Theanine is a derivative of glutamic acid, which is one of the neurotransmitters found in the brain.†Dopamine is another important neurotransmitter, which increases in the brain after taking L-Theanine in just 30 minutes.†GABA levels also increase in the brain, which leads to a feeling of well-being.

Our brain transmits four types of brain waves: gamma, theta, alpha and beta.† Gamma waves are present during sound sleep and theta during dozing or sleeping.†While beta is present during an awake excited state, alpha waves signify an awake relaxed state.† L-Theanine promotes alpha wave generation, so you get an alert yet relaxed physical and mental condition.†It does not cause drowsiness or impair motor skills and it starts working within 30 minutes with no known drug interactions.

The new studies just published clearly show an improved immune response in patients who were studied.†The researchers werenít sure about the precise way in which this happens but common sense tells us our immune system works better when we have low stress.†The other benefit was for women who have difficult monthlies (and their families). Science showed a clear benefit there as well. Two capsules or more of L-theanine are safe, natural, effective and cheap. Like I said, I like this one even more!

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