Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Support HI incorporation

Thursday, October 29, 2020


I am for incorporation.

Simple facts are: There is no proposed additional tax. The taxes you already pay in county gasoline tax and sales tax and a part of your property tax will be returned to Holiday Island if it incorporates. That amount is forecasted despite Covid-19 to be nearly $500,000!

It will allow HISID to meet this year's estimated budget without an increase in your assessment. The town of Holiday Island will take the necessary legal steps to pay for an estimated $250,000 in road repair. It will pay HISID's share of annual fire and police costs saving HISID another $100,000.

The estimated leftover $150,000 will be used by the city to pay start costs as required by the state of Arkansas.

Being an incorporated town will allow Holiday Island to become the enforcement arm of the covenants that protect our property values and let us live in peace with our neighbors. It will force rental owners to be sure their rentals are kept up to county and state code as well as meet covenants. It will force renters directly to follow those covenants rather than forcing owners to sue renters and neighbors to protect the covenants.

The no people use their scare tactics to insist there will be additional taxes. With the exception of the 5 mil tax granted to new cities by the state of Arkansas, there can be no new taxes without a vote of the citizens period! The for people say this tax is not necessary!

Being incorporated does allow the city to put in laws to protect us from vicious dogs running loose and biting people. If unincorporated, there is no law to require leashed dogs. That will result with a sheriff officer advising a home owner that they can shoot a dog per county law. That's not a good choice!

The no people say wait for Cherokee Village lawsuit settlement and lose another $500,000??? The town of Holiday Island will not take ownership of the roads as that is the responsibility of HISID. If the lawsuit does settle with a negative settlement, then better to be already collection $250,000 road tax while waiting.

Vote yes for incorporation.

- Vernon Anderson

15-year HI resident and volunteer