Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Mother Betsy's service extends beyond church

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The recent Citizen of the Week tribute to Mother Betsy Porter praised her service to St. James' Episcopal Church. Equally important is her service to the people of Eureka Springs and Carroll County.

At St. James’ Mother Betsy started an Angel Tree ministry to provide Christmas stockings and baskets of food to families in need. She expanded that ministry to provide Easter baskets of food and treats as well. For Halloween she plans Trick or Treat surprises for the children of Carroll County, collecting countless bags of candy. Always in costume, she stands by the Red Doors of St. James’ to make sure everyone gets their share.

The annual St. James' Silver Tea is the highlight of the year for Mother Betsy. When one tea ends she begins seeking out charities to be considered as recipients for the next year. Her planning skills and decorating talent transform the Crescent Hotel ballroom into a fairyland that kicks off the Christmas season in Eureka Springs. The proceeds benefit local charities such as, most recently, the ECHO dental program.

Mother Betsy served on the Board of Flint St. but spent most of her time and energy in the kitchen where she regularly cooked and served lunches for those in need of a hot meal.

She also works diligently through Pat's Angels to help those who are struggling to provide for their families. Her tireless dedication and commitment throughout Carroll County has touched and blessed the lives of countless people, many times without their even knowing


We owe immense gratitude to Mother Betsy for her hard work and for the example she sets for each of us. She is not only the angel of St. James' but of Carroll County as well.

— Pat Gunn