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Thursday, September 16, 2021

At the end of my first column on garlic, I wrote, “I’m wanting to cook and eat something with garlic butter on it.” 

I did go home and create a delicious dish of blanched fresh green beans. I added a healthy dollop of Bellisari’s balsamic, shallot and black garlic spread, tossing and coating the lightly-cooked veggie. Pure heaven! And, it’s very good for you, even as a gourmet treat.

I also said I would list ailments this hundreds of year old medicinal food could be shown to be useful.

Check for yourself by going to —extract whish is the National Library of Medicine’s database of published scientific study.

This is solid material but not proving garlic as a prescribed drug/medicine. You can refine your search from general to specific simply by adding your ailment of interest. For instance, on the search bar, type “garlic extract diabetes” or “cholesterol” or “bacteria.” Here is a partial list of garlic study and ailments you can check on:

Studies can be found on coronary artery disease, stroke, cholesterol and blood pressure for vascular disease, along with showing the decrease of risk for heart attack and stroke.

Cancer and tumor development effects as well as strongly assisting the immune system. Diabetes, drug resistant bacterial infection, colds and flu and reduces the formation of blood clots.  As a reminder, please take the following paragraph to heart.

Eating it as a food is a gift for most people (some are allergic) but it is very difficult to get enough into your system to be powerful and useful.

Mostly, this has to do with pungency but stomach acid degrades one of the two main aspects, namely allicin. When buying a garlic supplement, choose wisely as aging mellows the bulb but also reduces overall usefulness.

To get the full benefit of the garlic supplement, be sure it is an extract and be absolutely sure the label states that it is enteric coated. This coating allows full digestion in your small bowel bypassing the degrading effect of stomach acid. Check for the word “standardized,” as this means that each tablet will be the same potency as the one before it.

Allicin and sulphur are the two most studied aspects of this medicinal food. But the camaraderie of sitting around a dining table with friends with a big plate of something garlic-centered just can’t be matched.

Adding a favorite bottle of red wine elevates the experience — of course, for medicinal purposes only.

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