Miskiel named parks executive director

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Scott Miskiel has been appointed executive director of the Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commission.

The commission voted unanimously on Sept. 21 to offer Miskiel the full-time director position at a salary of $65,000 per year. Miskiel was named interim parks director after former director Justin Huss was terminated last October. After the commission’s vote, chairman Kevin Ruehle congratulated Miskiel.

“Welcome aboard,” Ruehle said.

Also at the meeting, Miskiel reported that the pig rig trap has been very successful. Miskiel said employee Sam Dudley has been working hard to set up and monitor the trap. So far, Miskiel said, Dudley has trapped 45 hogs. Ruehle addressed the commission’s decision earlier this year to sell its two existing hog traps, which are difficult to set up on uneven ground.

“They were actually not in very good shape,” Ruehle said. “One wasn’t even on parks property anymore and I don’t know that we had trapped any hogs in either of those things because they couldn’t be moved to the places where the hogs were.”

Miskiel said he’s had a hard time selling the traps because they need so much repair. He was offered $500 for the traps, Miskiel said, which originally cost $12,000 altogether. Instead of selling the traps, Miskiel suggested trading them to the United States Department of Agriculture for another pig rig trap. A brand new pig rig trap would cost $2,300, Miskiel said, and that’s better than “two traps that have been sitting rusting for the last few years.”

Commissioner Sue Hubbard moved to accept the trade and the commission unanimously agreed to do so.

In other business, the commission approved a contract for repairs to the main road at Lake Leatherwood City Park and a proposal for work at Magnetic Spring. Miskiel said the commission has the money available for the projects, with $65,000 net income for the year already. Miskiel said the budgeted net income was a negative $170,000.

“We are financially in a situation to approve the projects,” Miskiel said.

The commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 19, at the Auditorium.

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