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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Like you, I have to see medical doctors from time to time and Iím a problem for some of them.

I insist that I have the final say over what I do with my body and insist my medical team respect my choices.

I do listen closely to their advice and do use prescribed drugs at times. But if a natural choice works better for me, that is where I go first.

Here are a few supplements which I have used to keep myself healthy and side-effect free. Your doctor may or may not know about these and likely wonít suggest them but support the use if you bring it up.

The supplements are MSM, probiotics, magnesium and algae-based calcium like AdvaCal. I use or have used all of these, personally.

MSM in an organic sulfur which is found in all living tissue both plant and animal. It is a very fast-acting anti inflammatory, taking pain away within minutes of swallowing or rubbing onto a body via creme.

I know of no downside, using up to 6000mg/day in almost all people. It also helps improve skin (collagen), hair and nails as well as improve cartilage while reducing allergies.

I take 1000mg each morning, as new research shows a link to not having enough MSM in the diet to coronary artery disease. I take 3000mg at bedtime if I need to be able to sleep the night without lower back pain.

Probiotics at low dose, one capsule each day, keeps digestion in line as well as supporting immune system health.

Iíve read scientific literature linking inadequate probiotics to plaque buildup in all arteries because of certain proteins not being digested.

Right at the end of prescribed antibiotic therapy, a course of increased probiotics is called for ó otherwise, trouble can follow. Yogurt isnít strong enough and not all supplements are equal.

Magnesium is required for a huge list of body processes, yet we donít get enough in our diet. Making this worse is that prescribed drugs like heart medicines decrease absorption of this very needed mineral. I like the chelated type and take two tablets daily.

Algae-based calcium is the only calcium I recommend. This is extremely safe, as it is so highly absorbed ó much higher than any other type or brand.

Osteopenia, osteoporosis, bone health and even if youíre taking acid blockers like Pepcid, indicate the need for this supplement.

My ecology sparing tip of the day is use corrugated cardboard boxes to carry your grocery items instead† of plastic, paper or even cloth bags.

Corrugated boxes can be recycled up to seven times, so it is said. Paperboard cardboard canít be recycled locally.

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