Letter to the Editor

A little help from our friends

Thursday, November 25, 2021

The food has all been brought in, the shelves at the food bank are filled and on behalf of all the area scouts and our area Rotary, I would like to thank the kind people of Eureka Springs for being so generous in supporting this year’s Scouting for Food.

Right now, times are especially tough for so many, yet the community came through with such an overwhelming response to the food drive! It just goes to show what we can do working together!

In case you were missed or were out of town and were wanting to contribute to this worthwhile effort, you can make a cash donation directly to the food bank at the Flint Street Fellowship, located at 33 N. Main next to the Grand Central Hotel. Money collected will be used for items such as hams and turkey and other items that are in short supply.

You can also make use of the collection boxes that are at Harts and Sun Fest. Better yet, drop by the food bank and visit with the hardworking volunteers and see firsthand the need that exists.

Hunger is a problem here in our town, but they are helping to do something about it. So can you!

Thank you for helping the Scouts help the town,

Bruce Bieschke

Scouting for Food