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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Can real clean-up of the environment be based upon what one person does? I’m old enough to be frustrated and cynical yet oddly hopeful. Our earth has always been messy, including natural toxins, but this time we are overloading with messes that we create. What can one person do?

I have no doubt that the three Rs — reduce, reuse and recycle — are a good thing to do. The trouble is the three Rs have been the mantra for about three decades and our atmosphere and oceans are in the greatest of trouble, full of toxic gasses and dead zones. Most of the people I know have practiced the three Rs as best as they can for as long as I remember.

COVID-19 has shown in a very clear and ghastly manner just how dependent we are on other countries. I do question if recycling, especially plastics, is actually useful on a global level. Can one person actually make a difference?

Questionable chemicals found in food, cosmetics and plastics which are blocked from purchase and sale in Europe are often allowed here in the U.S. Because they are blocked in Europe, the purchase price drops and they become a bargain for manufacturers in the United States. Changing this will be next to impossible unless people become aware and stop buying the products the chemicals are found in. Of course, honest ingredient labeling would have to be legally mandated. The scale of this problem is vast.

Certainly, natural health is part of being good keepers of ourselves, communities and world. When you choose an herbal remedy, you tie yourself back to the health of the plant and soil. Herbals and natural products are unlike synthetic prescribed drugs in this regard. Depending only upon synthetic drugs is like calling it “global warming” instead of “global pollution.” It is like depending upon a hybrid automobile to save money on gasoline but having it cost a pretty nickel and shifting the type of pollution. This may be necessary but please see it for what it is.

What can one person do? Go small, slow and stay as local as you can. Support your local farmer’s market and take personal responsibility applying the three Rs — reduce, reuse and recycle. Question if recycle is applied in a useful manner. Choose natural remedies wisely, then enjoy a glass of red wine.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all.

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