End of the year tips

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Rich food, lots of parties, lots of people, happy stress, unhappy stress, love, rekindled family rivalries, upcoming New Year’s resolutions — ugh, what to do? COVID-19 has changed much of how we celebrate.

The end of the year rarely goes out with a whimper. The poetic line “go quietly into the dark” certainly isn’t something the year 2021 is going to do. And maybe, just maybe, being fully alive means not quietly leaving but ending with a full breath yell.

Here are some thoughts on taking good care of yourself right now.

First, take walks and breath in lots of our good, clean Ozark air.

Walking is the single best exercise you can do and it will give you a break from stuffy rooms and grumpy people.

Besides, walking is good for digestion — something to think about when gazing at that last piece of apple pie with flaky crust. Using a digestive after eating lots of food will take many of the discomforts away.

My suggestions are SuperZymes, papaya or apple cider vinegar.

Fresh air is a given and one of the creator’ss gifts. It is free, so breathe it in abundance. Next, tell everyone who you love, well, that you love them. COVID-19, has at least told us nothing is guaranteed, so don’t wait.

Try to keep your alcohol intake as well as refined sugar low but be sure to enjoy whatever you do, eat or drink. The enjoyment just might make it OK in balance.

If you happen to be around a lot of folks with colds or flu, take NAC with selenium and elderflower along with lots of good, clean Ozark water.

If sinuses or throats act up, consider nasal spray with grapefruit seed extract and gargle with garlic or grapefruit seed extract liquid.

If the flu hits, take lots of fluids. Monolaurin and NAC with selenium, zinc and vitamin C (palmitate type) is a good thing.

Of course, these are great for COVID-19, too. There are other good products but these are a great place to start.

On New Year’s Eve, many promises will be made to change habits during the upcoming year.

Try to keep these realistic and doable — you’ll gain confidence and feel good about yourself. Stopping smoking commercially-made cigarettes is the single best thing you can do for your health.

Going cold turkey is OK for some but others can benefit from a number of natural products which can make a difficult task a little easier.

Stop smoking as a gift to your loved ones. Wow — what a gift!

Take a moment in private and give appreciation for everything you can think of and then take a moment and just feel your feelings. Giving creates more giving, beauty happens and beauty is life. Our best hopes and wishes for you in 2022.

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