Active cases on rise in county, state

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Active cases of COVID-19 in Carroll County more than doubled over the past week, with 15 cases reported Monday by the Arkansas Department of Health.

Statewide, the active case total also showed an increase, rising to 1,562 — the second consecutive week of rising numbers.

The local death toll associated with the novel coronavirus remained at 102 in Carroll County, while the number of statewide deaths rose by 21 to 11,392, an increase of 114 since April 4.

The overall case count in the county increased by 12, rising to 6,120 since the pandemic began. Statewide, the number of new cases in the past week increased by 921, up from April 25, when 739 new cases were reported, an increase of 2,841 cases in the past four weeks.

Five weeks ago, 1,407 active cases were reported in the state, including six in Carroll County. Four weeks ago, those numbers were 575 statewide.

The two-year pandemic total for Arkansas now stands at 835,916 positive cases, with 822,805 cases listed as “recoveries,” meaning they are no longer being monitored by the health department. In Carroll County, the total number of cases includes 6,003 recoveries, an increase of four in the past week.

On Monday, the state health department reported 49 COVID-positive hospital admissions, with 15 in intensive care. Of those, 23 required the aid of a ventilator.

On April 25, the number of hospitalizations was 46, with 22 in intensive care and 12 on a ventilator. Five of those hospitalizations were children.

Since the pandemic began, hospitalizations in Arkansas have included 1,409 children under the age of 18, including 167 who had been in intensive care. This week, the state health department reported 196 active cases among children — approximately 12.5 percent of the state total.

The age group with the most active cases was 65-and-older with 407 — a marked increase since April 25, when 349 were reported — followed by those 25-34 with 239 and those 35-44 with 219, both of which are up over the past seven days.

Since Jan. 1, the number of overall cases of the novel coronavirus in the state has increased by 274,944, with the majority of those occurring among unvaccinated individuals.

The number of active cases in Arkansas this year peaked on Jan. 21, when 102,576 were reported.

On the vaccination front, the state health department reported Monday the number of Arkansans aged 5 and older that are fully vaccinated had increased by 2,367 in the past week —78,673 since Jan. 1 — rising to 1,588,607. Another 375,141 were listed as partially vaccinated, while 567,573 had received their third-dose booster.

Combined, those numbers represent approximately 69.1 percent of Arkansans aged 5 and older.

In Carroll County, 29,783 doses of the various vaccines had been administered by Jan. 1.

As of Monday, that number had increased to a reported 33,249 doses, including 197 in the past week.

According to the state health department, 50 percent of Carroll County residents aged 5 and older have been fully immunized and another 10.9 percent are partially immunized.

Combined, those numbers represent approximately 60.9 percent of the county’s population that is eligible to receive a vaccine, far below the statewide mark.

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