Molly Sroges Fundraiser

Friday, March 27, 2015
Photos by David Bell

Molly Sroges is a Eureka Springs poet. And she's unsinkable. At least that's where her t-shirt read at a fundraiser to help send her to The Women of the World Poetry Slam tomorrow. When many folks think of poetry several images may come to mind. The most common may be of being forced to memorize poems in school that begin with something like, "I think that I shall never see..." Other images may be of '50s beatniks or '60s hippies in smoke-filled coffee shops reading serious poetry with a heavy dose of social commentary. But in 1984 a new poetry venue began--a cross between live theater and a Food Network cooking challenge show. The Poetry Slam. Across the country poetry slams have taken root. Groups formed and slam events at various locations across America. One of the goals of a poetry slam is to open up the restrictive concept of what poetry is... especially the formal definition prescribed by many in academia. Like cooking shows, poetry slams have grown in popularity. In Fayetteville there's a group called Word Warriors. And Sroges will represented them at The Women of the World Poetry Slam in Albuquerque, NM. She joined 71 other female poets in the four-day event, which began March 18. The Saturday evening before folks from across the area participated in a fundraiser, held at the Caribe Restaurant, to help fund her trip. Fellow poets, musicians and friends gathered to enjoy poetry and music and donate money. Redneck Haiku, a group of musicians that included Cara Sroges and Kirk Ashworth, joined poets Houston Huges, Audrey LeBert and Marsha Yearsley in the event.