Hospital commission continues CFO search

Thursday, April 22, 2021
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The Eureka Springs Hospital Commission is still accepting proposals for a virtual chief financial officer.

On Monday night, treasurer Kent Turner said the commission has received one response to its request for proposals for a CFO. Turner said the commission’s request for bids will end later this week, saying he expects to receive more applications. Turner asked CPA Brent Seay if he’s going to apply and Seay said he plans on it.

“It doesn’t surprise me we haven’t gotten anything in yet,” Turner said. “It takes two weeks to put together a fairly decent proposal. I don’t think we should just assume we’re not going to get anything else because it does take time to do that.”

Earlier at the meeting, Turner presented the finance report. Turner said the commission had no deposits or withdrawals since last month, so the balance in the checking account remains at $17,039.01. Turner said the money market account received $408.40 in interest, bringing the total to $1,202,567.15.

Commissioner Leva Murphy then gave an update on the marketing committee. Murphy said she met with hospital employee Catherine Pappas, who suggested having a table at the Holiday Island Fire Department’s annual golf tournament. The commission would need to purchase a table banner for the event, Murphy said.

Turner said the hospital’s marketing is beginning to work. He recalled running into somebody who said her husband had to go to Eureka Springs Hospital recently.

“She said, ‘I have completely changed my opinion of Eureka Springs Hospital,’ “ Turner said. “We need to capitalize on that stuff.”

CEO Angie Shaw then reported that the hospital’s personal protective equipment supply is going strong. The hospital has more than 1,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine available for the community, Shaw said.

“We’ve been scheduling vaccine clinics on a weekly basis,” Shaw said.

Shaw said the hospital has given 1,725 immunizations in the community so far. The Pfizer vaccine is now available for ages 16 and older, Shaw said, so the hospital recently partnered with ECHO Clinic to administer vaccines to Eureka Springs High School students.

“They actually sent Pfizer to the CDC and the FDA to be approved for age 12 and up,” Shaw said. “We’re currently waiting to see if that’s going to be approved or not. If so, I have a feeling we’re going to see a need for those vaccines as well.”

At the end of the meeting, chairman Tyson Burden thanked Shaw for her “devotion and leadership” to the hospital. Burden said the hospital’s finances continue to improve and much of the old business of the hospital is being settled. Burden also thanked the Eureka Springs City Council for approving a citywide mask mandate on April 12, “although the gesture may be only symbolic in nature.”

“Right now is the time that we decide if we’re going to have another wave of COVID-19 or not,” Burden said. “We only have a few tools to fight COVID-19. We have the mask. We have vaccinations … and we have lockdown, which is what no one wants.”

Burden continued, “Masks and vaccinations are a small price to pay to keep our city vibrant and healthy, so I plead with everyone to please get a vaccination and continue to wear your mask.”

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