CAPC continues search for tourism director

Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Eureka Springs City Advertising and Promotion Commission is getting closer to hiring a tourism director.

At its regular meeting on Wednesday, April 28, commissioner Patrick Burnett said the job description has been posted on the CAPC’s website and Burnett said volunteer committee member Lynn Berry has been reviewing and vetting the candidates. So far, Burnett said, the commission has received 24 applications. Six of those applications have already been rejected, Burnett said.

Burnett then moved on to present the marketing report, saying he’s been working with Rightmind Advertising to create stickers encouraging visitors to tag the commission’s social media accounts when posting photos of Eureka Springs.

“I instructed them that I wanted to see something very simple, something very in-your-face,” Burnett said. “I want it to be almost like a billboard. In the advertising days, we always had a policy for billboards and buses — three to seven seconds, that’s all you get.”

Burnett said he will continue tweaking the designs.

“It seems minor, but I think it’s going to be a major thing,” Burnett said. “When they’re here … we want people tagging. Exponentially, it increases the money we spend for social media because it just keeps going further and further out.”

Burnett said Paradise Marketing will post the first blog on the commission’s website on May 15.

“They should have something to me very soon,” Burnett said.

Additionally, Burnett said, he’s been speaking with a person who is interested in providing a “properly working app for the city.” The commission purchased the Eureka Springs App for $40,000 in 2017, also purchasing kiosks to display the app. Burnett said the new app would “function properly” and allow people to log in and change their own information.

“It will also tie in better with our website with a lot less errors,” Burnett said. “It will be cross-platform. It will use the branding, all the things we need.”

Burnett said he wants visitors to download the app before they come to Eureka Springs so they don’t have to go on Facebook to ask questions about what they should eat or where they should shop.

“They would have practically planned their trip,” Burnett said.

Also at the meeting, the commission received an invoice for postage from the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce. The commission voted on April 14 against funding the postage for the chamber’s annual visitor guide out of the marketing support fund.

Finance director Rick Bright said commission chairman Jeff Carter was approached by a representative of the chamber to include postage for the guide in the budget.

“It’s something that y’all would have to decide to take up. You turned down the proposal, but [Carter] was open to y’all revisiting it not as marketing support but … just out of our regular postage budget,” Bright said.

The commission agreed to address the item at its next workshop. The commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 26, at The Auditorium.

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