Council takes no action on CAPC reappointment

Thursday, July 1, 2021
Jeff Carter

With an expiration date of June 30 and no action taken by the Eureka Springs City Council to reappoint him, Jeff Carter’s standing on the City Advertising and Promotion Commission has come into question.

The CAPC voted May 26 to reappoint Carter to Position 1, more than a month before the position was set to expire. Carter, who has served as chairman of the commission since February, thanked the commission for the “vote of confidence.”

The council was set to vote on Carter’s reappointment at its June 14 meeting, but Mayor Butch Berry didn’t mention the CAPC during the portion of the meeting dedicated to “commission, committee, authority reports and expired terms.”

Carter’s reappointment was on the agenda sent by city clerk Ann Armstrong on June 22 for Monday night’s council meeting. During the meeting, Berry didn’t mention the reappointment.

But former mayor Beau Satori raised the issue during public comments.

“I was surprised you didn’t mention the vacancy on the city A&P commission which comes up this Wednesday, in two days,” Satori said. “You announced the nominee two weeks ago and then you dropped it from your meeting.”

Satori continued, “What are you going to do if that nomination fails? You need the commission to come up with another nominee and you’re not giving yourself time to deal with those kind of things.”

Satori said the commission wouldn’t have a nominee if Carter’s nomination isn’t approved, which would lead to weeks without a full commission. That’s going to be a problem, Satori said.

“It’s already a big problem, and I think that you probably would have less problems on the A&P commission if you did things more properly,” Satori said. “That’s why they’re being sued. That’s why you have a vacancy arising with the last seat you approved … now being reinstated by the court. There’s a lot of problems with the way you handle commissions.”

During council comments, council member Terry McClung said he’d like to have an update on the CAPC. He’s not concerned about the lawsuit, McClung said, saying he was talking “about the CAPC itself.”

“I don’t know. I’d have to have the CAPC up here,” Berry said. “I can tell you what happened with the court.”

Berry said that commissioner Greg Moon was reinstated to his position and commissioners Melissa Greene, Harry Meyer and Carol Wright were “confirmed that they’re still on the CAPC.”

Council member Autumn Slane asked what would happen to Patrick Burnett, who was approved by the CAPC and the council to take Moon’s position in February.

“Patrick is removed from the commission,” Berry said.

“So what happens to all the votes he made?” Slane asked.

“That has not been decided,” Berry said.

Slane then asked what’s happening with the renewal of Carter’s seat and Berry said the CAPC hasn’t given the council approved minutes from its May 26 meeting.

Berry said Carter will remain the chair until the council reappoints him or appoints someone else.

In a phone interview Tuesday afternoon, Armstrong confirmed that the council hasn’t received an approved copy of the minutes from the CAPC’s May 26 meeting.

“We all agreed by virtue of the fact that things are happening as they are right now with the CAPC, we wanted to wait until we actually had the approved minutes in hand,” Armstrong said.

The commission votes on the minutes from its previous meeting at the beginning of each meeting, but the commission hasn’t met since May 26. The commission canceled its workshop and meeting scheduled for June 9, then postponed its June 23 meeting to 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 30.

Carter did not return a call for comment.

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