A perfect 10

Thursday, October 14, 2021

A perfect 10. Chris Hemsworth? Natalie Portman? Sophia Loren? 

Nope, I’m talking about broccoli and carrots plus others. Had you going for just a minute, didn’t I? Hey, I’m a natural health guy not a Miss America Pageant judge, though it would be fun.

I just finished reading a book with the very sexy title, A Perfect 10 - Phyto “New-Trients” Against Cancers by Dr. Laura Pawlik.  Wow, what a book.

Dr. Pawlik has some very impressive credentials such as a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Illinois and a postdoctoral fellowship in immunology and genetics at the University of California.

She is a registered dietitian, author and international lecturer. Can you imagine having lunch with her and not feeling guilty over your order of French fries?

Here is the whole list of “perfect 10” veggies which fight and prevent cancers according to this very convincing authority on diet and health. Flax — 1 teaspoon per day, wheat germ — 1/4 cup per day, tomato — 1 whole or 1/2 cup chopped per day, broccoli — 2 cups per week, carrot - 1 cup per week, tangerine/orange — 1 whole per day, strawberries - 1 cup per week, Green tea - 1 cup per day and garlic - 1 clove per day.

Folks, this isn’t hard to do and don’t get hung up over just these 10. Substitute any number of fresh dark green or colorful veggies for any of these 10.

Just replacing those anemic veggies such as iceberg lettuce with red top will make a lot of difference. 

Moving away from pre-prepared, processed and pooped out frozen meals is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Having instead fresh organic veggies or as a second choice just fresh (if organic is too pricey or not available) adds a dimension of flavor, taste and treat for the eye, which can make eating a pleasure.

You can get much of this in supplements, too.

Veggies may not be eye candy like a leading man or woman but good nutrition is clearly a good type of chemical warfare against cancer.

“Good chemical warfare” - quite a concept.

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