Do you think the city properly enforces code requirements?

Do you agree with the Arkansas Supreme Court's decision to overturn Fayetteville's nondiscrimination ordinance?

Do you think city council members should be able to serve on other city commissions?

Do you think transgender people should be allowed to serve in the military?

Do you think Eureka Springs should have a medical marijuana dispensary?

Do you think there's enough affordable housing in Eureka Springs?

Do you trust Allegiance to manage Eureka Springs Hospital?

Do you think the CAPC has done a good job promoting Eureka Springs for the holidays?

Do you think the city of Eureka Springs should pay for sidewalk repairs?

Do you think the food truck ordinance should be amended to remove the lottery?

Do you think Eureka Springs is doing a good job addressing infrastructure repairs?

Do you think veterans in our country receive proper support from our government?

Did you vote in the midterm election?

Do you think the Eureka Springs City Council should overrule its commissions?

Do you plan on taking advantage of early voting?

Do you think citizens should be allowed to keep pigs in city limits?

Did you enjoy Bikes, Blues and BBQ?

Do you think the city properly enforces the animal code?

Did you like the way the Antique Auto Festival was run this year?

Do you think Eureka Springs has too many B&Bs?