Are you comfortable with your information going to the Voter Fraud Commission?

If a mobile app was available for Eureka Springs, would you use it?

Do you think downtown Eureka Springs needs a parking garage?

Do you think the historic district brings value to Eureka Springs?

Do you think Eureka Springs should have a medical marijuana dispensary?

Do you think the criticisms of President Trump are fair?

Do you support President Trumpís decision to withdraw from the Paris

climate accord?

Do you think the governmentís system of checks and balances is working?

President Trumpís first international trip was this week. Do you think he is representing the United States well?

Do you think there is anything suspicious about the way President Trump fired FBI Director Comey?

Do you support the new healthcare bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives?

Do you trust the media?

Do you think President Trumpís first 100 days have been successful?

Do you think the cityís noise ordinance is sufficient?

The UFO Conference is this weekend. Do you believe there is life on other planets?

Are you looking forward to Diversity Weekend?

Do you think Eureka Springs should be more ADA compliant?

Do you support the GOPís proposed health care plan?

Would you support a service fee on your water and sewer bill to help the city make its bond payment?

Are you concerned with the perceived ties between the Trump administration and Russia?