Has Gov. Asa Hutchinson responded well to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Should everyone be required to wear a face covering in public?

Have you been tested for COVID-19?

Do you plan to dine in at restaurants when they open back up to the public?

Should Gov. Asa Hutchinson start reopening businesses in May?

Do you support the hospital commissionís decision to take out a line of credit for operations?

Have you lost employment because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Do you plan to support the local farmerís market during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Do you think President Trump has responded well to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Should Gov. Asa Hutchinson declare a state of emergency in Arkansas?

Do you think the city has done a good job responding to COVID-19 concerns?

Do you trust the hospital commission to run Eureka Springs Hospital?

Do you support the CAPC's partnership with Paradise?

Do you support the council's decision to enter into a solar services agreement with Entegrity?

Do you think the new Sonic will benefit the city?

Should the council raise water rates by 20 cents per thousand gallons or 30 cents per thousand gallons?

Should the city council pass on a Carroll Boone water rate increase to residents?

Do you think the city needs another taxi service?

Do you think the CAPC properly vetted executive director Lacey Ekberg?

Are the recycling services in Carroll County adequate?