Do you think the new Sonic will benefit the city?

Should the council raise water rates by 20 cents per thousand gallons or 30 cents per thousand gallons?

Should the city council pass on a Carroll Boone water rate increase to residents?

Do you think the city needs another taxi service?

Do you think the CAPC properly vetted executive director Lacey Ekberg?

Are the recycling services in Carroll County adequate?

Should the city council approve a permanent entertainment district with a sunset clause?

Should the CAPC allocate money for The Auditorium renovation?

Do you think Eureka Springs would benefit from an environmental council?

Do you support the CAPC working with Florida-based Paradise Advertising?

Do you agree with the parks commission's decision to outsource accounting services?

Do you support a permanent entertainment district with a sunset clause?

Does Eureka Springs have a feral cat problem?

Have you taken the parks and recreation commission survey?

Should the hospital commission have terminated its lease agreement with Allegiance Health Management?

Do you plan to attend the Veterans Day Parade?

Should Eureka Springs have a permanent entertainment district downtown?

Should the parks commission and CAPC take over the Fat Tire Festival?

Should city council vote to prevent homes from becoming kennels?

Did you have a good experience at Bikes, Blues and BBQ this year?