Decrease in cancer deaths

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

  I like to keep up with news. Mostly, I get this from reading newspapers, medical specialty reporting outlets and some from television. News reported through my medical specialty source sometimes will make it to the general media such as TV or print. I always find it interesting to see how the info is reported. Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised, at other times annoyed at the inherent bias.   A recent example of this is the reporting and commentary in the major newspapers that cancer deaths have decreased in the U.S. over the last several years. The numbers clearly show a decrease even though there are more aging people who are more prone to the disease. This really is good news.   The trouble with the reporting and commentary is the writers are parroting what they are told by our medical system, namely that early detection and advanced medical treatment is why this has happened. Early detection is surely important. Advanced medical treatment is only part of the picture, however.   I'm a third generation Gestaltist as well as having been published dozens of times in scientific/medical literature. I look at the whole field before making conclusions and I'm annoyed at the short change given to all of us aging baby boomers who use every thing they can to extend a good quality of life. Surely, more is going on in cancer treatment other than conventional chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. Really, doesn't the news system know this?   People have cleaned up their lives, stopped the dangerous chemical pollution, especially in their homes, added filter systems to their drinking water, reduced chemically laden processed foods, increased low glycemic foods, added a daily multivitamin and many other small but important steps. Additionally, those who have been diagnosed with cancer will often take antioxidants and other supplements such as DIM and IP-6 either before, during or after conventional treatment. A good website is   Many will never tell their doctors they do this for fear of disapproval. So the system protects itself. I find that mechanism annoying. On the other hand, having the honor of knowing the inside scoop causes a feeling of prideā€* that of being part of what is really happening.

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