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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Jim Fain Patterns are predictable - colds and flu in the winter, allergies in both spring and fall and chiggers, ticks and skeeters in the summer. To be ready, I have to plan ahead and order products on a seasonal basis.

I telephoned my wholesale supplier in Texas to order Cactus Juice so I could be ready for chigger, tick and skeeter season. The woman on the other end said, with her voice dropping, they didn't carry the product any longer. When asked why, I got a careful non-answer. Another question about where to get it now yielded the same cautious response. I was left to find it without help. I persevered since this was a great product last year during crawly and flying biter season.

After tracking down the manufacturer, I called and got voice mail two or three times before finally getting a live person. The man who answered affirmed I had reached Cactus Juice but would not say anything about the product. I faxed my business license from the state and from the city, called him again and just started a "hey, how are you" sort of conversation. He finally opened up.

Seems as though Cactus Juice got above the radar and the FDA came down on it with all the might of a huge governmental agency. If I got the story right, Cactus Juice was told they could not sell the product if it said "insect repellent" on it. After battling out the labeling and wording, Cactus Juice became a "Skin Protectant - Deet-Free." The company began relabeling only to be stopped again by the FDA which said something labeled "Deet Free" implied it was an "insect repellent." Cactus Juice lost again.

As a result, you can't buy a bottle of Cactus Juice Insect Repellent - Deet Free. It no longer exists legally. I, however, did order a large supply of Cactus Juice Skin Protectant for resale. It's the same formula as last year, no Deet, but bears a different label. Can't tell you what it is for... strange system isn't it?

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