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Wednesday, May 8, 2002

It has now been eight days since I began waking in the morning and placing one little drop of a bitter clear liquid on my tongue. The supplement is called Indium-XL, it comes in a small bottle with a small dropper inside. The manufacturer claims each bottle to be good for about 45 days. The retail price is up there with the priciest products, but according to sales literature every drop is worth its weight in gold.

The sales literature states: "Indium-XL is so unique and effective that it has been granted a U.S. patent. The patent is your guarantee that ONLY (emphasis theirs) Indium-XL can give the body the natural indium you need to feel refreshed with less sleep, have fewer colds and flu, enjoy a greater sense of well-being, end migraine headaches, normal blood sugar levels, regain sense of taste and smell, improve memory, rekindle the sex drive, increase endurance and stamina, restore regular menstrual cycle, encourage hair growth, slow the aging process, normalize blood pressure, lower eyeball pain and pressure, enhance absorption of other necessary trace elements and supercharge the immune system."

Indium is not found in our food chain so all of us have a deficiency of this trace element according to East Park Research, Inc. Folks, this long list of benefits and the exclusive nature of the offering causes my skepticism to peak.

But I have been using the product now for over a week and can report subjective improvement in energy levels, sense of well-being and endurance/stamina. I am not yet suggesting the product, though.

There is very little science supporting the use of indium and it is a little hard to use. How it works is poorly understood yet the sales literature implies influence on the master glands. I did get mild headaches for the first two days of trial as I overdosed myself while trying to get the hang of that little bitty dropper right after waking up, still in a groggy haze. I'm still interested in finding more science on this and trying it for a while longer. Stay tuned.

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