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Wednesday, August 7, 2002

It was one of those scary things that happen in the middle of the night. Intense itching woke me up from a sound sleep, just in time to notice my tongue was swelling almost double. My skin was one big puffy rash and no amount of scratching could satisfy the deep itch. Breathing became just difficult enough so that I felt anxious. The decisions had to be fast and good. What was happening? It it was an allergic reaction, was it severe enough to go to the hospital? Not yet, but close, I decided. What to do? Wake the household up, load down on antihistamines and sit in a hot bath to reduce itching. Make sure someone is keeping an eye on me so that my breathing didn't get blocked off by the swelling. Keep the phone handy. An emergency call might be needed. Stop scratching, nearly impossible to do. Keep the water hot enough in the tub. After about 20 minutes, the emergency was over, the reaction began to go away. Within 45 minutes, tiredness and scratch tracks were the only physical symptoms left beyond a tub full of luke warm water. What happened? I probably had an allergic reaction to a bug bite I got while giving the dog her last walk before going to bed. Sometimes, it doesn't take much toxin to really have a dramatic and scary allergic reaction. I didn't even know I had been bitten. I used Quercetin with a supportive herbal formula as my antihistamine. First, I crushed five tablets into a powder and swallowed with water. Ten minutes later, after the swelling reduced in my tongue, I took five more whole tablets. About 30 minutes after that I swallowed five more. I had the good support of my family and knew emergency medical care was nearby just in case. This could have been life threatening. The next morning I was exhausted but fine. I supplemented with electrolytes to make up for the loss due to the natural cleanse the body will do under these conditions. I also added some probiotics to be doubly safe, as this may have been due to a bug bite. I am taking Monolauren as a way to feel good about knocking off any bacteria, parasite or virus left behind. I'll do this for a total of 10 days. Wow, the unexpected hits us all.

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