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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

More and more scientific studies are proving the value of vitamin E. Three newly-published papers presented in prestigious journals all show real benefit for having vitamin E in your diet. Since the researchers began using natural vitamin E with their test subjects, the data has consistently shown benefit for a variety of conditions.

One such study, published in 2002, concludes "Vitamin E intake from foods or supplements is associated with less cognitive decline with age." Mind you this was from an article in a prestigious neurology journal. Another published study from a different neurology journal proclaims benefit for a variety of conditions such as anorexia, depression, Alzheimer's, cardiac disease including heart attack and more. Yet a third recently published paper shows benefit for the prevention of cardiac disease and breast cancer.

We've known for a long time vitamin E is essential when dealing with hormone replacement, the monthlies and for keeping the skin in good care when taken internally and applied directly. There is even suggestion that it will help soften a hardened liver from cirrhosis, which can be caused by drinking, or hepatitis C.

The days are gone when science couldn't make up its mind if vitamin E was good for us. Researchers have awakened to the fact that the form of E makes a lot of difference. They now see the synthetic E, which is cheap, isn't worth much and the natural, which is still inexpensive, is worth its weight in gold. This isn't news to most folks with common sense. How could a synthetic from a petrochemical base be as good as a fully natural product? Big Duh.

I'm glad to see this substantiating data come along, though a little late. I've said all along if I were stranded on a desert island and could have only three supplements they would be ModuCare, Grapefruit Seed Extract and natural vitamin E. Seems reasonable to me for people to supplement with 400 IU daily without illness or risk factor and 1,000 IU with illness or risk factor. Prevention is hard to prove but the data is showing up and E is good for you.

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