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Thursday, April 18, 2002

Spring is pushing forward with vigor. Soon there will be clouds of pollen along with the beauty of spring.

Pollen can be troublesome for man and beast. Seasonal allergies are nothing to sneeze at! Our immune systems go to work overtime. What can you do?

One of the first things is to drink plenty of fluids, the second is to use a nasal rinse such as Xlear (pronounced Clear). Next is to keep the immune system in good shape with Moducare. Literally thousands of studies have been completed on plant fats called sterols and sterolins which make up Moducare. These brilliant little guys do a yeoman's job of keeping the immune system properly functioning.

Even though they are widely distributed in fruit and vegetables, few people eat enough to benefit. Additionally, cooking or freezing damages or eliminates these fairly fragile good guys. Allergies, both seasonal and specific, are reported as consistently reduced in most people.

Moducare can be used with children and even pets! Veterinarians tell tales of very good use with our four-legged friends. How can one supplement do so much, you ask. It causes your immune system to call out the local cop instead of the National Guard when pollen and dust annoy your system, yet calls out the Navy Seals when serious threats come up. It seems to work best for me when I regularly take three or four capsules each day.

Quercetin is a bioflavanoid which has been clinically shown to physically block the receptor site so allergens can't make contact, thus preventing a histamine release. This is similar to Benedryl but with no drowsiness or dry mouth.

Quercetin works best with vitamin C, manganese and tumeric. I like to use about four 500mg tablets each day during periods of pollen.

Aromatic herbals such as juniper, eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender are good inhalants to pamper the nose and the senses. They don't dry up delicate nasal tissue, just open it so breathing is easier.

It is important to keep your diet rich in veggies especially the dark green leafies. A liver cleanse may be a good idea as well as taking digestives like enzymes or papaya to improve the digestion and eliminate allergens and pollen which were swallowed.

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