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Thursday, April 11, 2002

I remember a springtime which had just arrived in the Sonoran Desert.

Winter had passed with just a breath of memory reminding of its closeness through a slight chill in the wind. Life was abundant as plants and animals were refreshing themselves with vigor. The old barren stems, leaves and branches were replaced with vibrant new growth in hues of deep green and golden yellows. The birds and animals were shedding feathers and fur as well as cleaning out their nests and burrows. The promise of rebirth could not be ignored. The old was cleaned up and new was popping up all around. Even the scent of the air was exciting.

A springtime housecleaning is a good thing. Opening the windows, airing out those closed in places, sweeping, cleaning and tossing is a sure sign of renewal in the home. The health of where we live shows how healthy we are in mind and body. Our environment also affects our emotional and physical health. Think, what it feels like to step into a stuffy dusty room. The emotions subdue and the sneezing begins. Our bodies often need a spring cleaning, too. This is called fasting and cleansing.

There are many types of cleanses but a general one, which is often a blend of special herbs, is what is usually done in the springtime. No fast or cleanse should be done unless you are healthy or closely supervised by your health practitioner. Most often, the duration of a spring cleaning as a fast is not more than three days, sometimes as short as one. If you decide to do a detox, these can last 10 to 30 days. I like a fast/detox which I call the Desert Morning Cleanse. It uses a powerful blend of simple natural foods. I've seen it work like a charm and it tastes pretty good, too. This one is a combination of cayenne (heat units are important, 40 and above), lemon juice, pure water and top grade, organic maple syrup. The simplest is often the best.

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