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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Jim Fain Some salt is good for you. Our bodies need a balance of salts to work properly. As the days get hotter and we sweat more this becomes all the more true as salts leave our body through the skin.

Sometimes salts are called electrolytes and these have to be replenished when we sweat a lot. Electrolytes help the muscles, including the heart, with electrical impulse function. However, there are other uses for different salts as well.

For instance, the body has to have an even balance of sodium going into the cell as potassium leaving the cell and vice-versa.

There is an interesting new product called Tri-Salts now on the market. Tri-salts is a nutritional supplement especially designed to neutralize increased acidity (heartburn), reduce the itch from major allergic attacks or from poison ivy or poison oak, act as a buffering agent for chronic hyperacidity (which can be caused by serious ailments) and it can be used as a healthy alternative to chemical-laden toothpastes (Tri-Salts makes an excellent toothpowder).

The three ingredients that make up this product are calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and potassium bicarbonate. This combination should also go a long way in reducing muscle cramps and aches at bedtime, too.

The product seems to suit most anyone who uses it, even the most sensitive of people. It comes in a granular form and is best mixed with water or juice. I suppose you could mix it with a cabernet or merlot. But be sure to choose a terrible wine, as this certainly would alter the flavor!

For those wishing to adjust pH, Tri-Salts may be mixed with vitamin C crystals according to individual needs. There is no sodium in this product so those with blood pressure problems or who are on a low-sodium diet can use this safely.

How do you get good salts into your system? Well, almost all of us get too much sodium from table salt, so that one isn't a problem. Eating lots of fresh veggies and drinking veggie juice will go a long way. Some sports drinks are OK, but read the ingredient list carefully.

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