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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Mayhem continues

  The buzz continued this week about one of the "best-ever" ARTrageous parades. For those of you who did not have a pair of 3D glasses to view last week's Scene Around Town pics of the event, I recommend going to our website to see them registered and in focus.

  The only clue there was an opening reception for the artists at the "Flower" show at Mud Street Cafe last Friday was a big plate of oatmeal raisin cookies and strawberries set out near the photographs. It certainly didn't come from the host, who, with a constipated look of pain on his face, grunted something inaudible as he passed by.

  Rain didn't dampen spirit at the New Delhi's Friday night Saree Party, but I kept wanting to hear singer Tiffany Christopher, who has a great voice, do Connie Francis's version of "Who's Saree Now." Her stuff with our own Fred Tackett on mandolin was terrific.

  It's nice to see new art related businesses opening up, especially when there are some people lamenting how Eureka Springs is a dying town because the queers are chasing everybody away.

  83 Spring Street gallery owner Jim Sanders is moving to Arizona and has sold his gallery to Brad and Diana Walpole who moved here from St. Louis. I recently met Brad, who's very nice, and who doesn't shout at you when you walk in the gallery.

  Al Hooks had his May Fest Gallery Stroll opening last Saturday. The photographer/artist who decided to make his home in Eureka Springs after losing everything in New Orleans after Katrina has opened his own Center St. signature gallery that is unmistakably, Al. On view were his big, bold, colorful, fun, off-kilter, in-your-face prints, that also pretty much describe Al and his genuine New Orleans persona.

  I had a chance to chat with David and Ginny Stringer who are very excited and getting ready to open their new home furnishings store and gallery called Eclectic Edge. The couple, who have been here nine years, are very psyched about their new Spring St. adventure, which, if all goes well, opens Memorial Weekend.

  And let me give a self-serving plug to the new Sweet Spring Antique Mart across from the Post Office. There is some fab vintage art in there, and I should probably just cough up the $25 bucks and buy the framed 1971 New York Metropolitan Museum poster of Edgar Degas' retrospective.

  Saturday night's invitational "Totem" show was a big hit at Zarks. There was some great work from some of my favorite local artists. My only beef -- and gallery co-owner Rick Armellini agrees -- was that the gallery space was not big enough for the crowd. Some of the work got lost, and it's a bit of a bummer that the totems are only displayed for the one night.

  I really don't have to say too much about Friday's White Street Studio Walk. If you're a tourist reading this -- just be there or be square.

  The most intriguing event this Saturday, and quite possibly for the entire month, has to be the Rogue's Castle tour of art. For those of you not familiar with what Rogue's restaurateur Smith Treuer has created in the land of Beaver -- let's just say he's built a very large, over-the-top fortress, overlooking Table Rock Lake, that makes it very clear who is King of the castle. Mel Shipley's massive, commissioned, bronzed, four-headed dragon mantle which has Smith's cast bronzed face in the middle, will be unveiled in the Grand Hall along with paintings by Smith's other well commissioned artist, Larry Mansker. I couldn't find much info on the event, but heard it was from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and free. This is a great chance for the public to see this slightly whacked, but very cool, on-going piece of work in progress.

The one and only time I was invited to the Castle was a few Christmases ago. The festivities abruptly ended when Smith threw everyone out in a rage because two of his guests, who had met at the party, broke his brand new bathroom sink pedestal while having sex on top of it.

  This is why we live here.

  See you on the street.


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