Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Jim Fain

Ask anyone if they should drink orange juice if they have a cold or a flu and they will look at you like you are crazy for asking. They would say, "Of course you increase citrus as it is a very good source of vitamin C known to benefit your immune system." Orange juice is just one of many grocery items known as a medical food.

  The top 11 medical foods are mostly delicious and have a powerful impact on your health. Why 11 instead of 10? I added stabilized Rice Bran to the list most natural health practitioners would agree are the best for you. Rice bran is often overlooked and not paid attention to, sort of like the red-headed stepchild of nutrition.

  Rice bran has to be stabilized by deactivating enzymes that cause rapid degradation of nutrition. This is done by an all natural practice producing a long shelf life. It is a naturally complete blend of vitamins, minerals and hypoallergenic protein with all of the essential amino acids and fatty acids. It is an exceptional source of antioxidants so it is highly beneficial for folks dealing with cancer.

  A list of other nutrients include plant sterols, lipoic acid, lycopene, lutein, vitamins A, B complex and E. Adding a few tablespoons to cereal, yogurt or a smoothie creates a nutty tasting powerhouse of goodness.

  Here is the whole list of "perfect 11" medical foods which fight and prevent cancers, according to very convincing authorities on diet and health. Stabilized Rice Bran -- 4 tablespoons/day, Flax -- 1 teaspoon per day, wheat germ -- 1/4 cup per day, tomato -- 1 whole or 1/2 cup chopped per day, broccoli -- 2 cups per week, carrot -- 1 cup per week, tangerine/orange -- 1 whole per day, strawberries -- 1 cup per week, Green tea -- 1 cup per day and garlic -- 1 clove per day.

  Folks, this isn't hard to do and don't get hung up over just these 11. Substitute any number of fresh dark green or colorful veggies for any of these. Just replacing those anemic veggies, such as Iceberg lettuce, with Red Top will make a lot of difference.

  Moving away from pre-prepared, processed and pooped out frozen meals is one of the best things you can do for your health. Having instead fresh organic veggies or as a second choice just fresh, if organic is too pricey or not available, adds a dimension of flavor, taste and treat for the eye which can make eating a pleasure.

  Medical foods clearly create a good type of chemical warfare against cancer. "Good chemical warfare" -- quite a concept.

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