Bible readers undaunted

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Neither heavy rain nor lightning stopped the closing ceremony of the 2nd Annual Bible Reading Marathon on the Berryville square earlier this month.

Rain during the opening ceremony foreshadowed rain for the closing as well, but 256 volunteer readers still filled 365 round-the-clock time slots. They read the Bible starting from Genesis, reading for 15 minute time slots non-stop for 91 hours, straight through to Revelations.

Late on the afternoon of May 5, Pastor Mike Mercer of Beaver Lake Baptist Church opened the closing ceremony, completing the Bible Reading Marathon, the last event of the 60th observance of the National Day of Prayer. Mitchell Scitern of Towering Oaks Church was the speaker.

Southern Raised Bluegrass led the closing song "God Bless America." Finally, the rain lifted for those remaining to return outside for the patient team from the American Legion Walker Wilson Post #9 of Eureka Springs to retire the colors and close the Bible Reading Marathon.

The National Day of Prayer Event included prayer leaders, District 2 State Senator, Bryan King; Bob Ahart, Kerusso; Rick Reith, Southern Raised; Naomi Tena, Christ Tabernacle, Berryville; Richard Schoe, Weather Tainment; and Jim Goins, Living Word Fellowship, Green Forest.

To find out how to Volunteer for the 2012 Carroll County Bible Reading Marathon, contact Coordinator Bonnie Roediger: 870-350-0865; or roedrunner@wind .

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