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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


All Religionists have a way of ignoring facts, truth, logic, reason and science in favor of myth, legend, superstition and make-believe. All cultists jump to the defense of their beliefs no matter how illogical and nonsensical they may be. They screech the mantra of belief based on faith not proof and they promise hellfire for those who think for themselves and/or question the doctrines of religious nonsense. There is a very good reason for those threats of hellfire; there is not one iota of supporting evidence or proof for an Invisible Space Being's existence, and the people who make their livings off those who do believe don't want to be questioned or requested to provide proof for their wild claims of rewards and/or punishments in the "afterlife".

For the approximately 10,000 years of recorded human history there has been an innumerable number of gods, goddesses, demi-gods, demons, angels and other assorted super-beings, all lost, some forgotten and some just cast aside by the tide of history. Each civilization in turn, rose and fell, while they worshipped, sacrificed, groveled, sniveled and prayed to their god(s) and other super-beings eventually to be crushed under the foot of some other civilization that was stronger. New gods came into being with old ones slowly failing and fading until they and their followers disappeared from power.

In spite of the fact that some Religionists believe they know what I am thinking or what my view of their cultish belief system is, I beg to differ, I believe they can't. Frankly, I'm not sure exactly what a spot on a piece of paper represents to a Religionist, apparently the analogy is meaningful to some, however it does not represent Christianity or any religion to me. Rather, I would view Christianity and it's cousins, Islam and Judaism, as little more than cults, as are other offshoots such as Mormonism. I tend to view all religion through the microscope of history, meaning the actions of the followers on behalf of their various religions in the records of history. It is that view, those facts which determine my view of and thoughts about Christianity, not some mysterious and meaningless spot on a piece of paper.

Though Christianity does teach "compassion and love", it is Christianity's followers who have failed to follow through, just as the followers of most religions have failed to follow the teachings of their faith, such as peace, kindness and compassion. Today, the good Christians deny equal rights to some folks based on their sexual preferences, they support greed and avarice in politics rather than the compassion and love some Religionists claim for themselves and their religion. They support wars that "steal, kill and destroy" rather than peace and peaceful solutions.

I have to ask; "Where is this love and compassion of which you speak and make claim to?"

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, a belief in the reality of any religion exactly parallels the belief that professional wrestling is real. Oh, we'd all like to believe that those guys can survive being repeatedly hit on the head with chairs and other assorted objects, just as we'd all like to believe that when death finally comes, we will go on living some place better with all our friends and beloved relatives, but the reality is no one can repeatedly be hit on the head without a detrimental affect and there is no evidence whatsoever of Nirvana, Heaven or any other place housing loved ones waiting for those who die to join them. To believe in either of those 'reality programs' is to invest in puerile beliefs that undermine the processes of logic and reason. It is that undermining of logic and reason that leads to a failure of deductive thinking and that failure to be able to reason and think for one's self and ask questions is at the very heart of why politicians and their pundits can tell gigantic lies without any serious questions or challenges.

Once one accepts the incredible claims religion makes as truth, it is easy for the politicians pass off politically based, self-serving lies without penalty. Unquestioning faith in god or politicians or professional wrestling represents the undoing of what really has made our country great; our own faith in our own abilities.

Rick Burry


If you enjoy a drive, ride or pedal down a shady lane, take the one down Rockhouse Road soon. That's because Carroll Electric will be removing a lot of that shade. It seems the co-op no longer wants the old right of way that they've cut and sprayed on for the last 60 years. The want a new one that zigs and zags along the road. They will move the power lines out of pastures, where there isn't a tree within 50 yards, to the roadside where they will cut hundreds and hundreds of trees.

For a preview of what the new Rockhouse will look like, take a ride down Rocky Top (CR 309) toward Keels Creek. They will also be cutting along the gravel road that connects Rocky Top to Rockhouse.

To be fair, Mike Allen of Carroll Electric did come out about a year ago and meet with a couple of us landowners. He agreed with our alternatives. In one case, he agreed to leave the poles in the Dinner Bell's pasture instead of moving them along the other side of the road. It will save almost 200 trees. We hope Mr. Allen's memory is good. Just to be on the safe side, we'll be postponing our August trip.

Carroll Electric did do a good thing even if it is straight out of the How to be Green Wash Handbook. They got 4th graders to plant a bunch of trees ... somewhere. The trees were about as big as your middle finger. It is the co-op's solution to make up for the tree destruction along Rocky Top and Rockhouse. They're gonna need a lot more 4th graders. They're gonna have to bus them in from surrounding states.

Stay green, Carroll Electric.

Wayne Schumacher

(One of them Rockhouse tree-huggers)