Citizen of the Week: Ilene Powell

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Ilene Powell is founder and primary organizer behind Fleur Delicious Weekend. Photo by

Our Citizen of the Week is Ilene Powell, founder of Fleur Delicious Weekend.

The 10-day event just concluded last weekend and included a Waiters' Race (see Page 17), a Bartenders' Competition, and multiple food- and arts-centered events all around the city.

Powell started Fleur Delicious Weekend year before last, less than a year after moving to Eureka Springs from New Orleans with her husband, Mark Armstrong.

"Katrina kind of moved up our retirement plans, so we moved here and built a house, and we love it," she said.

After she arrived, she missed some of the festive spirit of New Orleans and was looking for a way to become more involved in the community; she saw an open weekend where there were no events planned and approached an acquaintance, Teresa DeVito of DeVito's of Eureka Springs, about starting up a waiters' race. The two set to work immediately.

"She said they had had one previously but not in some years, so we started planning it and it just grew into a weekend of events," explained Powell, who also gets a lot of help organizing and planning the events from K.J. Zumwalt of Caribe Restaurant & Cantina. "Folks liked it so much, this year it grew from one weekend into 10 days of events."

Powell and her husband also do volunteer fundraising work for the Inspiration Point Fire Department near their home.

Thanks for all you do for Eureka Springs; we're glad you're at home here!