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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Legitimate Rape?


Todd Akin, Missouri Republican candidate for the U.S. senate, made another "dumb as a rock" statement this week. But this wasn't an average gaff. This was a doozy. Akin said, in a morning news interview, that if a woman experiences a "legitimate" rape, her body has a way of shutting that thing down!

First, the confusing choice of the word "legitimate". The adjective Akin chose to describe the word rape harkenss back to Akin's generation, when men used such excuses for their criminal sexual behavior as, "Well, she was asking for it." So I guess that's the difference between the two, but I still don't understand what "legitimate" implies in this instance. Maybe, if a child is conceived by this act, the off spring won't be IILEGITIMATE? Who knows? Probably in the "steel trap" mind of Akin, it makes sense. Which brings us to the next part of his sentence. He claims that going through a "legitimate" rape is stressful and because of that very reason the woman will not become pregnant. I guess the other rapes are "a walk in the park." He claims he heard this information from an MD. However, national research has proved that 5% of ALL rapes result in pregnancy -- legitimate or not.

And guess what? There are still Missouri voters who would like this man to continue writing and voting for legislation that effects women's health as he did in the House of Representatives. That would be like Sarah Palin writing laws that control treatment of men's issues such as enlarged prostate (BPH), impotency and the treatment of anal rape.

Enid B. Swartz

Psychological warfare solution to deer problem?


I would like to suggest a novel way of dealing with the city's deer overpopulation. Knowing what I know about deer, both as a hunter and consumer of them, here's my thought: Monitor the deer to decide which are sickest. Send in hunters with bows but only give arrows to three of the hunters. I know for a fact that if you put down three deer, the rest will flee at the same time. If the hunters all have bows without arrows to continue making the sound of a released arrow, the deer will associate the sound with danger and learn it's not safe in town. They will learn where their food source is and where it isn't. I hope this way is less violent and traumatizing for the animal lovers here than a big hunt. I too enjoy the deer alive.

Thank you,

Leah Nelson

One giant step


The man in the moon has a tear in his eye

I can see it from way down here

For tonight he says a sad good-bye

And drops on earth a frozen tear

Neil Armstrong was arguably our last true American hero. In fact all of our astronauts of that era were looked upon as heroes, but Neil stood at the top. And he wanted no part of that hero worship. That wasn't what he was about. When he retired from NASA he took a job teaching aeronautical science at Cincinatti University. There was no book tour or movie deal. It's funny but four of our five most famous aviators all come from Ohio. Orville, Wilbur, John, and Neil. Guess the Lindberghs didn't get the memo.

Must be something in the water that attracted them to the sky. Thanks Neil.

Charles Craig,


Community gardens


The current light being focused on Lake Leatherwood created a furrow ideal for planting the seed of an idea that can be nurtured and grown to benefit many.

The seed thought is to develop a community garden in the public land at Lake Leatherwood like Fayetteville and many other communities have.

In an effort to promote community gardening, the city of Fayetteville and The Fayetteville Community Garden Coalition (FCGC) are working cooperatively to assist residents who want to build a community garden in their neighborhood. Park lands that are suitable for community gardens have been identified in each quadrant of the city, providing valuable outdoor space for neighbors to garden together.

Here are seven different types of rural community gardens which could provide models for Eureka:

*Traditional neighborhood-type gardens with individual and family plots;
*Gardens that provide demonstration and education to gardeners at neighborhood gardens and home gardens;
*Communal gardens tended collectively with the produce going to a local food pantry;
*Educational gardens that offer classes to the public;
*School gardens that incorporate gardening and nutrition education;
*Community-assisted home gardens where an experienced gardener mentors novice gardeners in their home gardening efforts;
*Gardens affiliated with an existing agency, apartment complex or church.

Clearly, there is a need to feed many in our community; there are many in our community who are knowledgeable about gardening; and there are many who want to be of service to others. Taken together with the Lake Leatherwood facilities, we have an opportunity to make a difference for many in our community.

Ira Goodman