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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Must be doing something right!


I simply MUST take this time to express my great appreciation of Jim Fain and the unlimited knowledge of nutrition he shares with us in his "Natural Way" column!

Also -- I greatly appreciate Sandra Synar's serious and knowledgeable approach to astrology.

I was good to see their articles side by side in last week's paper.

Thank you Jim -- Thank you Sandra -- Thank you Citizen!

Rudy Schneider


Live music rocks

Dear Eureka Springs:

I would like to thank all the folks who came out to The Eureka House Concert to hear Kevin Welch and Nick Rorick Sunday night. What a great night of music. It is a privilege to present this music series, and we thank you for being a part. Without an audience there wouldn't be any music scene. You are the most important part of this music series. The Eureka House Concerts would not exist without our sponsors either. Please help us by frequenting their businesses and please thank them for their support. Our Sponsors are Crescent Moon Beads,The String Instrument Peddler, Bubba's BBQ, Acord's Home Center , Ermilio's , Liberty Service, Local Flavor, Fain's Herbacy, Health Works, The Stonehouse, Geographics, Simplicity Counseling, Community First Bank, Sparkey's Café, Chom Stanley Silversmith and Sweet Seasons Guesthouse's and Cottages.

I would also like to thank our volunteers that help make it all possible: Sandy Pope, Jenny Wagget, Z Reeder, Chris Bradley, Jim Dudley, Rick Hinterthuer, Adrienne Gremillion and Sandra Ostrander.

Folk and Americana music is a large part of our culture. It reflects of our society and gives voice to our personal worlds and views. We are lucky to live in a town that presents and respects great music of all kinds. I just want to say thanks to all the music lovers that make it all possible.


Nancy Paddock

Strait talk


The device is a straitjacket; not a straightjacket. Ignorance abounds in your publication.

George Macy

(Editor's Note: While we don't feel ignorance abounds in our publication, we apologize for misspelling a word.)