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Friday, December 21, 2012

Loss of music festival a sad turn


Even though it received scant local support and relatively few Eurekans attended, Eureka Springs is the poorer for having lost CICA International Summer Music Festival, which is relocating to Dallas. The move is a necessity, but it is a sad turn of events for our town.

George Macy

Leave out the horse crap


I think your editorial on the city politics situation is both timely and of interest to many citizens and you are correct to find fault with their conduct. What I cannot abide is your injection of national politics into this topic and then lambasting ONLY the Republicans, when the Democrats are just as guilty of the same traits you attribute to the Republicans and are equally ideologically hidebound. Come on, play fair, both sides share blame on the national scene. Ever heard of "Rise Above" or compromise -- by definition, since you apparently do not know, that means BOTH sides giving something. What are you trying to do -- "outIndependent" the ES Independent????? From them, I expect political bias, I was hoping -- in vain, I guess -- that the worst of the idealogues had left the Citizen, but apparently some remain. When you write an editorial STICK TO THE POINT and leave the other horse crap out, please and thank you.


[Editor's note: It is not normally editorial policy to run a letter that is not signed; nor typically do we respond in this fashion. However, to clarify the point, the editorial is an area where opinion is expressed. While political leanings no longer factor into hard news at the Citizen, they are potentially all over the place in editorials. Caveat emptor, in other words. The behavior of the GOP in Congress the past two years has been pointlessly obstructionist. Both sides are not the same. So no, the "worst" of the ideologues have not left the Citizen, but thanks for asking.]