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Friday, February 1, 2013

Reader asks: Why the gaps in no-contact orders?


The brutal death of a young woman (allegedly) by Victor Acuna-Sanchez has pointed to the gaps in the law enforcement and judicial systems here in Carroll County. The judge in the case released this man on his own recognizance without bail, in spite of a series of arrests and no-contact orders for domestic violence immediately preceding his last arrest.

What will it take to shake the system out of complacency on these issues?

The branches of local government need to immediately work together to bring this to a stop!

Why was the prosecutor's office not keeping the system up to date on what had taken place?

Dorothy Crookshank

Good editorial


The editorial on the NRA and gun control was very well-stated. I have already contacted my US Senator and Representative to ask them to support proposed gun control, even if their views don't lean that way. I also phoned New York Speaker Silver's office the night the NY Assembly passed gun control to congratulate them. Have joined the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and even on a fixed income, made a small contribution. They will need funding to achieve the goals for which they have fought so long and hard. My household owns 3 inherited guns, and I believe in the ability to defend one's home and loved ones. But I don't need a gun that is designed for war. No responsible gun owner does. Please, I urge everyone, hunter, whomever to realize nothing is gained by the insane proliferation of firearms in this country.

Penny Sullivan

Bad editorial


Your article doesn't mention that gun deaths include police killing someone to defend themselves, people defending their homes, themselves or their children, or suicides. To think that all 900 of the gun deaths you mentioned were murders would be naive on your part.


[Fortunately the editorial does not imply anything like that. 900 people died by guns. That's a lot of misery.]