Election officials: We're ready for May 20 primary

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Connie Doss and Johnice Dominick of the Carroll County Election Commission test the 650, a device used for counting ballots.

BERRYVILLE -- The Carroll County Election Commission met on Monday to test their equipment that will be used in the primary election scheduled for May 20.

To test their gear, the commissioners performed a "pretend" election and then erased the results, said Joanna Schuster, election coordinator.

The commission first reset the machines and erased all data within them, then ran the mock election and reset the machines once more. After this they sealed the machines and will not open them again until the election, and after they open them they will reset them once more for good measure, said Johnice Dominick of the commission.

The commission tested the 650 Central Tabulation Machine and the iVontronic. The 650 counts and record the ballots and the voters use the iVotronic to caste the ballots. The commission reported that the machines were working fine and are ready to be used on Monday.

In other news, the sample ballots for the primary election are ready as well. In the primary, voters can either chose to vote for candidates in the Republican or Democratic parties. Either ballot comes also with the nonpartisan judiciary candidates as well.

Early voting begins Monday, May 5. For a complete preview of the May 20 election, read Friday's edition of Carroll County News.

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